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Research and Consultancy

OSU has been providing research based consultancy services to Oromia regional bureaus, farmers’ cooperative unions and federal government institutions in areas like redesigning their organizational structures and supporting their operations through continuous coaching. Likewise, the university has been supporting implementations of Business Process Reengineering (BPR), the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and related reform initiatives through its trainings and research based consultancy services thus playing a significant role in the efforts of realizing the desired changes through sustained implementation of reforms.

Besides, OSU has been conducting annual research symposium forums where findings of researches geared towards solving socio-economic problems are presented in the presence of concerned stakeholders and public sector leaders thereby enabling them to employ research findings to solve practical problems within their respective sectors.


So far, OSU has conducted 8 rounds of such symposia where 114 research papers have been presented. And this is believed to have contributed towards the efforts of seeking solutions for some of the pressing socio-economic problems in the region. 

Research document

Annual Research 1-8  

Research Proceedings 

Research and Consultancy


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