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Oromia State University has both historical and symbolic attachment to Oromo society and Oromia National Regional state. Historically it evolved from a small leadership training center which had played a paramount role in building the leadership capacity of the region. Symbolically it bears the name of OROMIA which has deep relation with the Oromo. It got this name when it was promoted to University in 2017.  It is the only State University in the country. As a regional government consulting university, the university focuses on capacity building of the region via leadership and public servant development, reform and transformation of public institutions of the region. The university also focuses on all development actors of the region. To make this effective the university uses training of both leadership and public servants, research and consultancy services, academic programs (first degree, second degree and Ph.D)  and facility services.


The University of Oromia region has graduated 1047 students in different subjects which have been teaching regular, evening and weekly education program. In the ceremony, including Oromia regional University board, the top leaders were present at different levels. On this graduation ceremony, Oromo scholars have done a lot of good example for the people: Honorable Mr. Hordofa Bekele Gomee, honorary doctor of diplomacy and humanity; and Mr. Dima Abera Kisi has been given an honorary doctorate of art and culture of Oromo. In total of 1047 students graduated today, they were awarded from certificates to trophies for students who achieved high scores.

Research and research work on the topics "The demographic dividend: Challenges, opportunities & prospects" and "Investigation of performance, contribution & challenges of Industrial Parks in the Oromia Region" were completed by researchers in the University of Oromia. This work is done by the organisation of Oromia regional University and the Planning and Development Commission of Oromia, there is a discussion on the research.

In Oromia regional University, there is a discussion on 2015 and the plan of 2016 work. This discussion will be discussed for one day; more than 500 students, teachers and researchers of the university are participatin

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