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OSU-ICT Facilities and Services


The use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is a valuable tool to enhance the learning experience and accessing resources. Oromia State University is investing heavily on ICT in order to easily deliver service at a higher quality and acceptable standards. ICT play a powerful enabling role for the mission of the University.  OSU has installed a Fiber Optic Cable (National Network Backbone) receiving 600Mbps from Ethiotelecom. The internet is accessible around campus providing a reliable and efficient wired and wireless Internet connection for students, staffs and university communities.

ICT Directorate office provides the primary management and support for computing and technology infrastructures, services and systems within the University. The office also manages the data network infrastructures, central services provision such as official website, institutional emails, video conferencing systems, internet and data services and business applications. The office also provides troubleshooting, maintenance and technical support services on computers, office machines and related devices.

The office is working on a number of projects to enhance and expand the University’s ICT infrastructures, systems and services to enable the transformation of the University’s administrative and academic business process in line with its strategic plan.


The mission of the ICT directorate is to play enabling role in supporting of teaching-learning, research, reform, consultancy, community engagement, administrations and other activities officially directed towards the mission of the University.  

Major Tasks /Objectives

The core objectives of OSU-ICT lies in addressing the key ICT needs in the University as it is embodied in the strategic plan. These include:

  •   ICT infrastructures, services and systems strengthening and expansion
  •   Digitization projects
  •   Automating academic, administration and research business processes
  •   Provision of support and maintenance services


OSU-ICT Organizational Structure

ICT Directorate is accountable to the president office as it provides infrastructure, services, and systems for all the academics, research and administration domains. ICT has three operational dimensions namely:

  • ICT Infrastructure  Development  and Administration
  • Learning- Teaching  Technologies
  • ICT Support and Maintenance


Facilities and Services

The office is at your services with the following facilities and resources

  • Institutional emails (
  • Official website (
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Broadband Wired and Wireless Internet Connection
  • Support and Maintenance

Access to ICT Facilities

Access to ICT Services and Facilities is provided as per the requirements of the ICT Access Control Policy. Physical access to ICT Facilities is managed through the University’s security arrangements. Access to buildings and computing laboratories is at the discretion of the relevant Facility Administrator.