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                                                                                               OROMIA STATE UNIVERSITY

                                            CITIZENSHIP AND COMMUNITY SERVICE PROFILE


First of all, as a Community Service Director, I acknowledge and proud of the commitment of our staff for their unreserved contribution for the citizenship and community services.

As part of the Oromia State University (OSU) commitment to expand the horizon of community service provision in scale and type, staffs of the University have been engaged in delivering

varied community services which are either product of individual initiative or organized effort made by the University.

Community Services refers to an activity, project or program service(s) conducted by academic staff and or students together with different stakeholders as well as the community itself in response to the social, economic, political, and other needs of the community outside the University in line with country’s development priority.

  As clearly stipulated in the Higher Education Proclamation No. 1152/2019 and Oromia Regional State Regulation No. 232/2022, community service is part and parcel of the duties of academic staff of higher learning Institutions. University senate legislation requires all academic staff to allocate part of their working time on community service activities.

Community service can take a variety of forms that does not require funding from University such as charity activity, unpaid service to community members or consultancy to organizations. It is expected that most community service projects to be the results of prior research engagements of staff. Ultimately, research should result in either intervention to solve community problems (community service project) or innovation idea to be commercialized and disseminated to community (technology transfer project/community service project). Understood in this way, there is strong linkage between research, technology transfer and community service activities.

Advantages of Community Services

Community service has the following advantages.

  1. Helps Connect to the Community 
  2. It Benefits for Career Prospects
  3. Raises Social Awareness
  4. Establishes Contacts and Friendships
  5. Helps to Improve our Skills and etc

Major Citizenship and community services Achievements in Oromia State University                                                                                                                                        

The Oromia State University, the government capacity building higher education institution, is working on citizen ship and community services as its main mandates targeting community development. Accordingly, through this effort endowment, more than 50 mothers and children considered to be helpless and above 60 children living on the streets have been benefited from OSU community service as shown below.

  • The university has been helping above 100 needy families’ by covering education materials and school fees.

Community Service