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Bekele Lemi Deressa

Year of Birth: August, 1984

Educational Background:

BA: Sociology and Social Anthropology, 2006.

MA: Federalism and Local Government Studies, 2013.

PhD: Federalism and Governance Studies (Candidate, since 2016)

Employment History:

Taught and trained topics related to Federalism, Systems of Government and State Structure, Constitution and Constitutionalism, Citizen and Citizenship Rights, Constitution and Human Rights, Governance and Development, Decentralization and Service Delivery, Leadership and Change Management, and Public Administration and Governance, Customer Service Delivery, Introduction to Management, Human Resource Management, Civics and Ethical Education, Leadership for Change, Transformational Leadership, Strategic Leadership, and Public Policy Analysis, conflict management, professional ethnics,etc. for University students (both MA and BA students), to different National, Regional, Zonal, Woreda, City Administrations and Kebele level Administrators and experts,since 2013

Offered different trainings on Leadership and change management, customer service delivery, conflict management,professional ethnics, etc..

Lived in, Trained and worked with different level expertise and administrators.

Lecturer and Continuing and Distance Education Director, Oromia State University since July 2015. Lecturer, Civics and Ethical Education at WolaitaSodo University, Nov. 2013 – July 2015.

Mayor Training Advisor, Mayor’s Office, Shashemene City Administration, 2009 –2011.

Instructor, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Sociology and Social Anthropology Department, Rift Valley University Shashemene Campus, 2007 –2010.

Head, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Sociology and Social Anthropology Department, and Secretary of Academic Commission, Rift Valley University, 2007 –2010.

Part-time Instructor, Rift Valley University, Bishoftu Campus, August 2006 – June 2007.

Some Research Works and Article Revision Related: PhD dissertation, Principles and Processes for Making and Unmaking of Constituent Unit Boundaries in Ethiopia.

Reviewed on ‘the Old and New Liberalism and Their Links with Accommodating Diversity. Consociational Democracy and Federalism (Their Similarities and Differences) (Electoral System as a Mechanism to Managing Conflict).

Reviewed Article on ‘Nation-building Challenges of the Post-Independence State of Eritrea and Its Regional Domino Effect, Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict (2012-2013), pages 21 -36”.

Discussed the Constitutional Spaces that the Ethiopian Regional States have in terms of Designing Their Local Government System.

Identified the constitutional objectives underpinning the vertical and horizontal division of nationally raised revenue in the Ethiopian, Nigerian and South African constitutions and examined whether the substantive and procedural criteria for revenue division were likely to lead to the achievement of the desired outcomes.

Explained the difference between federalism, federation, devolution, delegation and deconcentration. The Economic Role of Political Institutions: Marketing Preserving Federalism and Economic Development.

Reviewed on Ethno-national Federations: The Pillars of Ethno-nationalist based Federations and the Risks Associated to It.

Worked on “The Role of Urban Local Governments in Minority Protection: The Case of Shashemene City”,Thesis for M.A. Degree Award, Department of Federalism and Local Government Studies, Ethiopian Civil Service University, 2013.

Worked on “The Impact of Corruption on Socio-Economic and Political Aspects of Oromo Society: The Case of Nekemte Town”, Senior Essay for B.A. Degree Award, Department of Sociology and SocialAnthropology, Addis Ababa University, 2006.

Certified for researching on “The Impact of Drug Abuse on Dwellers of Shashemene City: The Case of High School Students”, Paper Presented at Shashemene City Colleges and High Schools Competition, Department of Sociologyand Social Anthropology, Rift Valley University College Shashemene Branch, 2008.

Participated on more than 15 International and National symposiums and seminars (abroad and within the country).

Research Advisory Services: Advised MA Thesis 50+; BA Senior researches 100+

Extra Activities: Coordinator, Trainer and Consultancy Services, Oromia State University, Since 2015.

Coordinator and served in different Co-curricular Activities at Rift Valley University College Shashemene Campus, 2007 – 2010.

Trained Teachers of Peoples‟ with Special Needs, at CDI Ethiopia, Shashemene City.

Reading Federalism, Leadership and Governance Books.

Bekele Lemi Deressa


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