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The Strategic Objectives of the University are:

  • Improve citizens and stakeholders satisfaction
  • Improve citizens and stakeholders trust
  • Improve ease of access 
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Improve service delivery system
  • Improve quality of public service
  • Increase strategic partnerships
  • Enhance  leaders and employees readiness
  • Promote technology utilization
  •  Enhance work culture 

With Strategic initiatives

  • Civil Service  Army building
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Customer management program
  • Strategic communication
  • ICT development program
  • HR Training  and development
  • Contemporary change management tools
  • Need and impact analysis
  • Training Facility development
  • Public resource management
  • Symposium, workshop, forum
  • Scaling up best practices
  • Service  quality enhancement program
  • Service upgrading and diversification

Strategic Objectives