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The University of Oromia region is giving training for female employees of the university on the topic "Empowering the confidence of women" and they are going to attend the training I/A/Pre/A/A/Management affairs Ba Dr. Riyad Dawud said that women are woyd in Oromo culture and as a human being. Including strengthening the confidence of women is strengthening the self confidence of the family, and the strength of the family is the strength of the country, this is the basis of YNO training on the topic of strengthening women confidence. They said he made it. They are offering the training:

1. Dr. Alima Jibril from Wollega University, how can women succeed and achieve their goals? On the topic that says. And they started sharing the many important events of their life with women.

2nd time. 2nd time Dr. Jirenya Assefa is giving the topic of strengthening the confidence of women from Ambo University, especially the men because the exams of women are more than men, but the exams of the women are more than the exams we are facing. In order to reach where we want our women have to have patience and patience. No one can taste success without testing, without going through hardships, there is no one who tastes success because our women are feeling hopeless and defeated because of today's problems they are facing today, it is better than being defeated. It has been stated in the training that to get to their goal, they have to convince themselves first to reach their goal.

upcoming events: 

Oromia regional university is giving training to female employees on the topic "Empowering women's confidence". September 13/01/2015