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GoDM Department

The department of Governance and Development Management (GoDM) as an academic program was opened in September 2013 in Oromia State University and started its actual operation. The program has launched with the intention to produce professionals who will be an agent for the formation of democratic society, building good governance, assuring rapid and sustainable development and leading institutional reform programs in Oromia Regional State in particular and Ethiopia in general.

The Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Development Management is designed as a multidisciplinary academic program to touch on issues connected with governance, and developments from different perspectives. These three important issues (governance, development, and management) are the heart of the program.

Moreover, the field of governance and development Management as a multidisciplinary program is strongly correlates with and draws contents and ideas from different academic disciplines such as political science, International relations, development issues and theories, economics, public administration, environmental science, sociology, and law.

Generally, the program deals with the art and science of managing and administering the functions of the public and non-governmental organizations; managing and coordinating development activities; initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development projects; community mobilization and problem solving etc. Besides teaching and Learning process, currently the department has engaged in different problem solving research and providing community Services in the areas of governance, development and management. Building the capacity of the civil servants of Oromia Regional State through training in the three areas/pillars/ of the program stated above.

Dept Governance